Health Insurance in Cambodia

Cambodia Plans is one of the market leaders in global health insurance in Cambodia. Cambodia Plans has been remarkably successful due to its diligent and dependable staff, the company staff comprises of a group of 40+ people. We have comprehensive knowledge and are eager to help you about anything related to health insurance. We work wit a list of 6 principal health insurance companies and we provide an opportunity for you to browse the quotes for health insurance as well as select the plan that you think is suitable for you. We offer adaptable & personalized health insurance plans within your budget and ensure that you don’t miss out on the international advantages provided by the Cambodia Plans coverage. You are certain to get the best medical coverage benefit for you and your family.

List of Health insurers we work with:


-William Russell




-Now Health

We will recommend you plans from those  renowned insurance insurers from around the world, known for great accomplishment in claims handling and great-valued medical coverage items. We offer Expats insurance coverage that is personalized to the customer’s needs is the primary focus of Cambodia Plans.



Health Insurance Plan Quote from a leading provider in Cambodia

At Cambodia Plans, we not only offer free quotations but offer expert advice. Our team of expert’s advice the customers through telephones (offline) and also through the internet (online). The expert advice allows the customers to think what suits them the best. Since we work together with the customer to find their needs, we also understand their interests. Using their interests, we suggest solutions that are impartial and that accommodates the customers well.

Quotes: We provide quotes from a minimum of six leading insurance companies in the world.

Health Quotes Evaluation: On understanding your budget and your needs, we provide the best available health quote that suits you.

Policy: We clearly understand the policies and the prices which clears out confusions that might arise later.

Free Service: We offer free advice and recommendations. This is because we strongly believe in helping our customers choose the best of the plans. It is also a notable fact that the policies that you buy from us are cheaper than that of what the insurer provides.

Comprehensive Comparison: On reaching us about your need, we will set up a correlation table displaying the various health insurance plans provided by different insurers. The matrix will be adjusted in such a way that it mirrors your own needs.

Health insurance for a family or an individual gives the necessary protection for health. It also allows the family or the individual to gain access to various health centers across the world. The solutions at Cambodia Plans are targeted towards expats, families, and individuals. It gives them access to healthcare facilities not only in Cambodia but across the globe.

The mounting costs for treatments are the essential reason behind buying the health insurance. With a health insurance, the customers save money on hospitalization; including pre, post, and outpatient medical treatments.

It’s time to take your medical lifestyle to the next level with a comprehensive health insurance coverage from Cambodia plans. The health insurance opens you to an unrestricted access to medical treatments. You’re covered by some of the leading insurers such as Bupa International, Cigna Global, Allianz Insurance or Aetna International. The health insurance protects an individual or a family as long as they need.

Best Health Insurance Cambodia

Owning a health insurance has become a necessity for everyone. But choosing the right plan with the right cost always becomes a trouble. At Cambodia Plans, you can get a customized insurance at your budget. You can select the deductibles from the plans which further lowers down the cost.

We not only work with you until the purchase but will guide you and help you throughout. You can always reach us out for support and one of our 40 staffs will help you through it.

Corporate Health Insurance Plans

The biggest asset any company could ask for is its employees. Companies always protect their assets to build their business. But without protection to their employees, a company cannot grow up. Providing employees with health insurance makes them feel secure and creates a relationship between the employee and the company. Thus, giving them a premium healthcare support plan helps them to do their work without worries.

The health insurance we offer protects your employees at the right time. The Cambodia Plan ensures that your employees have access to medical facilities that are otherwise impossible to gain access to. Your employees will be glad to know that you’re using the Cambodia Plan which helps them to get the right care when the need arises.

Some of the Advantages of our plans include:

  • Customized insurance plans for your business
  • Insurance cover for major illnesses.
  • Treatment with reliefs on the premium paid by your firm

The plans that we provide gives you what you need. Our corporate insurance plans have a selection of policies that you could choose for your employees. The plans can also be customized to the organization’s need and budget. We are one of the very few firms providing that service.

‘A healthy family is a happy family’

Get the Cambodia plan and give your family the access to premium health care centres across the world.