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Global Medical Coverage

We have a rich history spanning over forty years and is a stalwart in the field of insurance in Cambodia. We provide comprehensive medical insurance solutions offered by global brands such as Aetna from the US and Allianz International based from Germany. The insurance coverage is primarily aimed at individuals, companies, families and this is applicable irrespective of the fact that you are an expat or local. Our insurance services are on par with those offered from Bupa international and Cigna with over thirty years of experience in the insurance field offering expatriate health insurance and other health insurance plans to cater to individuals and families. These two insurers providers at present have an international client base in excess of a million. The insurance providers which we have joint hands with provide complete insurance coverage which provides you the opportunity to receive first class healthcare throughout the globe.

Allianz and Aetna have been in the field of insurance for a long time and has been successful in elevating the health amongst people and families at an international scale/ They provide international health insurance plans which contain exclusive benefits. Members are offered a selection of doctors and healthcare providers. These healthcare providers and centres are distinguished for their level of service and exceptional patient care.

Premium Health Coverage

We offer comprehensive insurance care irrespective of your name, sex, age and where you are in the world. The would be strengthened by the superior customer care which ensures that you are protected at all hours of the day. We have the sole aim of assisting people to live happy, contended and lengthy lives which is enriched in good health. The insurance schemes offered by us provides you with the opportunity to attain healthcare facilities from the best centres. These plans can be specifically designed to care to people who value professionalism in service, freedom and quality of service rendered. The plans provide frequent medical check-ups. The wellness plan offers you the opportunity to seek medical care and dental care whenever you wish.

Every person should obtain a health insurance as it covers all the medical and surgical fees when the moment comes. There has been an increase in medical expenses steadily over the last few years.

From the early 1970s there was a demand in Cambodia for medical and health insurance. But, at present it has become a necessity amongst Cambodia’s who wish to obtain quick medical care from the convenience of a private facility rather than governmental facilities.

But these private institutions are expensive. There it is the best course of action to buy and invest in a health insurance, as it ensures all medical expenses are covered in the case of an emergency.

Medical Protection Quote

Contact us to obtain your quotation. We are a very well-known agency with a rich history dating back almost forty years in the field of insurance. We are composed of dedicated and versatile individuals. We would ensure that any claim you make would be processed at its earliest and at your inconvenience, this is irrespective of the fact that you are on the lookout for a new coverage or if you’re simply claiming your insurance. For those individuals, living abroad for extended periods of time, this is the plan for you. Contact us to get you offer.


Prestigious Health Insurers

The partners which we work with are stalwarts in the insurance field and possess many years of experience. Medical insurance ensures that you live along and happy life. Theses medical coverages would ensure that you receive the best insurance care irrespective of where you are in the world.

These packages consist of frequent medical as well as dental check-ups.

You could be wondering why is Allianz and Aetna so special, here is why:

Affordability: Allianz and Aetna offer plans at affordable rates and is available to people of all income levels, extending from the wealthiest to middle class individuals who wish to be healthy.

Transparency: The complete cost of the package would be informed to you without any hidden chares. You can contact us and let us look at your medical expenses and see how the money is spent.

Simplicity: Ease of access to obtain medical check-ups where you are in the world offers you convenience and ease of use. Even if you are not a frequent flier, Aetna and Allianz has you covered.