Health Insurance in Cambodia

Cambodia Plans is a leading provider of international health insurance in Cambodia. They have achieved tremendous success owing to the dedication and dependability of the staff. At present there are approximately 40 employees. We are well versed and is willing to assist you with any insurance related matter. We work in partnership with 6 major insurance providers and we will provide you with the option to select from various insurance quotations as well as the option to select the plan mostly suited to your needs. We provide customizable and tailored health insurance plans within the budgetary limitation and make sure that you have the best possible coverage from Cambodia plans. It would be certain that you would be receiving the most comprehensive coverage possible for you and you loved ones.

List of Health insurers we work with:

  • Allianz
  • William Russell
  • Cigna
  • Bupa
  • Aetna
  • Now Health


We provide you with plans from these reputed international institutions from various countries, distinguished for their successful handling of claims and the comprehensive medical coverage which they provide. We aim to provide insurance coverage to expatriates which is tailor made to the customer.

Health Insurance Plan Quote from a leading provider in Cambodia

We at Cambodia Plans, offer quotations as well as expert advice free of charge. Our professionals provide the required advice to the potential customers via telephone and also through the internet (online). Expert advice permits the customers to make an informed decision on to select the best possible scheme for them. As we are working by the side of the customer to assess their requirements, we also have a clear idea on what they are looking for. Once we have established their requirements, we are able to offer them plans which are impartial and is well suited to the customer’s requirements.

Quote: We provide you offers from at least six international insurance providers.

Health quote evaluation: Once we have established your requirements and budget, we offer you the best health plan suited to you.

Policy: We have a thorough understanding of the policies and the prices so that clarifications can be made to prevent any confusion in a later stage.

Free Service: We provide advice and recommendation without any charge. As we area avid believers in assisting our customers to select the best possible plan for them. It is also important to realize that the plans of schemes are priced at a much lower price point than what is offered from the insurers directly.

Comprehensive comparison: Once you have established communications with us, we would provide you with a table showcasing the numerous health plans provided by each of the providers. This would be compiled in a manner which will reflect your needs.

Health insurance provides the protection you need, not just for you but to your family members as well. It provide access to various health care facilities across the world to everyone who is protected under the scheme. The service provided by Cambodia Plans are directed at the expatriate population, families and individuals. It gains them access to health facilities not just within Cambodia but elsewhere in the world as well.

One of the main reasons for the purchase of health insurance is the rising cost of insurance. If you possess health insurance, you would be able to save expenditures on hospital treatment, which accounts for pre, post as well as OPD treatments.

It is the best time to upgrade your medical lifestyle to the nest stage with a well throughout comprehensive insurance coverage from Cambodia Plans. Such an insurance scheme provides you with unlimited access to medical treatment. You will be provided care from international insurance providers such as Bupa International, Cigna Global, Allianz Insurance or Aetna International. This health insurance would confer protection not just to you but also your family members till required.

Best Health Insurance Cambodia

It is imperative that everyone is protected with health insurance. But, it is essential to select the correct plan at the right price point. We at Cambodia plans, will offer you a tailor-made plan at the right price point for you. You have the option to choose the deductibles from the plans which will reduce the cost even more.

We would be working in partnership with you till the purchase but afterwards also. You can contact us at any time for additional information and support, where our forty staff members would be eagerly waiting to assist you.

Corporate Health Insurance Plans

The most important assess of any organization is its human resources. Companies are protective of their assets for the development of the organization. It is important to safeguard this assets, as the lack of such would not permit adequate growth. Provision of health insurance to the employees would provide them with a sense of security and establishes a bond between the employee and the organization, Hence, providing them first class health care plans to complete their work with peace of mind.

The insurance provided by us protects the employees at the most important time. Cambodia Plans assists to provide medical care when it is not possible to obtain them in any other case. You will be able to receive the acknowledgement of the employees when the get to know that you have obtained the services of Cambodia Plan which assist them to obtain the best care when required.

Some of the Advantages of our plans include:

  • Tailor-made insurance schemes for your organization
  • Coverage of significant medical illnesses
  • Provision of treatment with concessions on the premium provided by the firm

The plans we offer you serves your requirements. The corporate plans consists of a handful of plans which could be provided to your employees. The plans can be tailor-made to the financial capabilities and requirements of the organization. We are one of the selected firms which offers that service.

‘A healthy family makes to a happy family’

Obtain Cambodia Plan to obtain the services of first class health care facilities across the globe.