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Cambodia Plans is one of the prominent providers of international Health insurance company in Cambodia. We have accomplished outstanding achievements because of our staff‘s devotion and reliability. Currently, there are almost 40 employees. We are competent and ever-present to offer our help in any kind of insurance-related matters. As we work in partnership with 6 major insurance companies; we will give you the choice to select any kind of medical insurance quotation that would be most appropriate for you; while offering a comprehensive list of benefits.. Cambodia Plans give you the best custom-made plan that that comes with affordability. We make sure that you get the most suitable coverage from Cambodia Plans. Whether you are a local or an expat, it is guaranteed that you would be having the most comprehensive coverage plans for you and your loved ones.


List of Health insurers we work with:

  • Allianz
  • William Russell
  • Cigna
  • Bupa
  • Aetna
  • Now Health

We offer plans from famous international institutions from different countries, well known for their remarkable management of claims and comprehensive medical coverage which they deliver. Our goal is to provide insurance coverage to expats especially customized for the benefit of our customers.

Health Insurance Plan Quote from a recognized provider in Cambodia

At Cambodia plans, we offer free expert advice and quotations. We consist of a 50-member team which is available for you 24/7. Be it acquisition of a health insurance policy or a claim request; we support you at every step. We are always available and ready to entertain your queries. Expert advice allows the customers to make a wise decision of choosing the best possible scheme for them. On the request of the customers, our professionals provide their expert advice to them on telephone or internet. We are working side by side with customers to fulfill their requirements, and we have a clear idea about what they are searching for. Once the requirements are established, we are able to offer the plans that are impartial and suits to the customers’ requirements.

Quotation: We are providing offers from six well-known international insurance providers.

Health quote evaluation: After establishing your requirements and budget, we will offer you the most well-suited health plan.

Policy:  We have a clear understanding of the policies and the prices; so you will be given clarifications in order to avoid any confusion in future.

Free Service: We give recommendations and advice without any cost. We believe in helping our customers to choose the best for themselves. This is also important to let you know that we provide much lower prices in our plans of schemes than what is originally offered from the insurers directly.

Comprehensive comparison: Once your communications are established with us, you will be provided with a table, showing different health plans provided by each of the providers. This is developed in a manner that will reflect your needs. 

We offer the best health protection plan which is according to you and your family’s health requirements. The beneficiary will be able to use the best health care facilities worldwide. Cambodia Plans’ services focus especially on expatriates, individuals and families. With our health plan; best health facilities can be accessed in Cambodia as well as worldwide.

The most important reason for having health insurance is heavy medical costs. Health insurance is a great asset nowadays; it will not only save your pre and post-hospital expenses but even the OPD treatments as well. 

Now is the right time to improvise your health standards and take it to a new level by having exclusively designed plans with Cambodia Plans. Get unlimited medical treatments. The International Insurance providers like Allianz Insurance, Cigna Global, Aetna International, Bupa International will be providing healthcare services to you. This type of health insurance coverage not only protects you but your family as well.

Best Health Insurance Cambodia

The protection and assistance provided by health insurance are vital for each and every person. But, one must ponder over various plans and pick the most appropriate one that fulfills health requirements and is affordable. At Cambodia Plans, we offer the best custom made plans that are according to your budget. If you want to lower the prices furthermore, then you can choose to remove the deductibles.     

We work in collaborations with our partners to offer you a range of plans and assistance after your purchase. We are available for you day and night to support you with any kind of information or issues that you may have concerning the insurance coverage. We have 40 highly trained personnel to provide the very best assistance.

We ubiquitously offer excellent customer satisfaction which is also one of our top priorities at Cambodia Plans. Our insurance process is really simple because of assistance provided by support services available at each step. Our team strives for continuous innovation to make the insurance process straightforward. We have pushed forward the industry standards with our straightforward and rapid claim process. It will take only days rather than weeks to process your claim. Our skilled team is committed to providing satisfying services.

The health insurance we are offering includes; great benefits with complete coverage for injuries, sicknesses, or in any emergency case. It also contains key health facilities like; hospitalization, OPD treatments, dental, ophthalmological, maternity care and routine medical checks. Additionally, it also covers pre-existing medical conditions.

You can have one of the best possible healthcare anywhere you want. The provided health protection from us is offered by well-known insurers – who will ensure your health protection at every step and at every health institution globally. 

Learn more about us and contact us to get a quote to have an in-depth idea of our widespread benefits, facilities and price ranges that we offer. 

We offer our packages to families, individuals, and organizations. For your greatest benefit, whenever we process a quote, we always consider various factors i.e. personal needs, and affordability. We are passionate about our continuous improvements and adjustments in our plans to best suit your needs.

Corporate Health Insurance Plans

The key aspect of any organization is “Human Resources”. Assets should be protected at all costs for organizational growth – losing this would greatly affect the organization growth. However, the outcome can be very positive if an organization takes care of their employees’ satisfaction. 

The best method to achieve employee satisfaction is “Health insurance”. This is proved with ample researches. In this way, they find personal security and feel affectionate towards the organization. We provide an insurance plan that gives the best coverage and client support services so that your employees feel a sense of security and achieve greater peace of mind. 

Our insurance provides protection to your employees in their normal as well as crucial times. When you have no other way to gain medical insurance; Cambodia Plan is always there to assist you and provide you with the protection you desire. The insurance given by Cambodia Plan is highly admirable and trustworthy. If you choose us, you will be admired by your employees. Your employees will think highly of you because the insurance that Cambodia Plans provide is appreciable in the whole industry. 

Some of the Advantages of our plans include:

  • Best treatment facilities with concessions on the premium
  • Custom-made insurance schemes for your organization
  • Careful handling of important medical illnesses

Our plans fulfill your requirements. There is a range of corporate plans for your employees. The plans can be customized according to the organization’s requirements and financial condition. We are one of those companies who offer amazing insurance plans.

‘Health is happiness’

‘A healthy family will be a happy family’

Get a Cambodia plan to have supreme health facilities globally.